The new kitchen designs use contrasting texture finishes. For example, dark porcelain or slate with wood, or super matte black cabinets combined with warm metal sinks in bronze. These elegant finishes are balanced with natural organic elements, such as wooden details for the island or the floor of wide planks of wide wood.
The most popular finishes for cabinet handles are matt black, satin nickel, tin and antique brass. The application of these materials is usually in matt and non-gloss finishes so that there are no marked footprints.
But there are more possibilities. As you can see in the photos we show you, the materials used are very diverse. And increasingly they mix with each other, that is the case of wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, stone and metal, which merge into more original combinations and which can already be seen imposing trend in the kitchens for the year 2020.
If you still have doubts regarding the materials you would like to select, we invite you to visit us and our team of experts will give you the best advice to make your dream kitchen come true.